Our People

Owner & Founder

Jacob Hood is a 20-year member of the U.S Army Reserve. He has deployed to Iraq (2003), Kuwait (2012) and Jordan (2020) where he earned the Meritorious Service Medal. He has served in the Veterinarian Corp for the entirety of his career. Jacob has envisioned this organization for years and now that he is closing in on retirement, he has made it a reality.  His love for K9s and his duty to take care of Soldiers is taking a new form with the establishment of HH4H. Jacob has worked with dogs since he was a teen, however he leaves the training to the professionals. Jacob earned his B.S degree in Public Relations in 2007 from West Virginia University.


Mental Health Professional

Marion Petty III is a mental health professional with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Marion brings 16 years of experience working with those in need of mental health services. He assists homeless veterans in gaining housing and receiving benefits they are entitled to. Marion works with the homeless to gain the skills they need to maintain their housing, using the Housing First model.

Marion also has experience working with children with SED diagnosis. Marion supported the families of the children he worked with to connect them with services to benefit their child.

Marion’s mission is to help people with mental health struggles to be the best they can be.

Veterinary Expert

LTC Thamus Morgan DVM is our Veterinary Expert and her bio is coming soon…

Head Hound Trainer

A full bio is coming soon…